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Cable Management Products
Accory supplies full line of Cable Tie Wraps of brand "Qetol". These products help organize cables, reduce tripping hazards, and add protection to your cables. This section of products including Security Cable Ties, cable tie accessories, Cable Zip Ties, cable markers and more.
Nylon Cable Ties
Accory offers a wide selection of nylon cable ties in both size and capacity. Made from nylon 6/6. Weather resistant, UV stabilized nylon available for special application.
Stainless Steel Cable Ties
Accory offers three types of stainless steel cable ties. They are made of SS 304 and SS 316 will withstand most environmental conditions.
Cable Tie Accessories
Accory carries various of cable tie accessories including Cable Tie Mounts, Cable Tie Holders and Cable Tie Clips, suitable for a multitude of applications under all sorts of conditions.
Cable Markers
The cable markers are designed to help people identify individual cables and wires for easy reference. Made from high quality plasticised PVC.