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Tyvek Wristbands
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- Non-Transferable
- 100% Waterproof
- Ideal for one day events
- Non-Stretch
- Efficient and practical crowd control
- Great for identifying advanced payers
- Perfect for controlling VIP areas
- Great way of verifying your drinkers / age verification
- Best way to eliminate lost tickets
- Very comfortable to wear
- Extremely tough, melts not burns
- All Tyvek Wristbands are Sequentially Numbered
- Can be custom printed (including logo and text)
- Print colours include black, red, green, purple, silver, gold
- Up to 6 color prints
- Adhesive closure with unique cut guards against transfer
- 2 widths available (19mm and 25mm)
- Fits wrist sizes up to 22cm


At sport events
Marking of the athletes, VIPs, the press, officials, hospitality guests etc.
For example: each group a different bracelet colour.
At open air events
Re-entrance permission, marking of people with access to backstage area, VIPs, the press, security, salesmen etc.
For example: Each day a different bracelet colour.
At leisure parks and adventure baths
Time-limited entrance. Use of individual or all equipment areas, special events (e.g. every other hour a different colour) Very easy to distinguish because of different bracelet colours.
At hotels or leisure areas
Buffet or pool authorization, all-inclusive authorization, tours and excursions, marking of tourist groups and luggage.
At bars or discos
VIP identity, age or driver identification, special events, re-entrance control, buffet authorization etc.
At carnival events
Re-entrance authorization, marking of the participant, buffet authorization etc.
E.g. each group another bracelet colour.
At companies, associations and organizations
Marking of authorized people or of the participant, marking of motor bikes at a motor bikes` meeting etc.
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