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Tools and Accessories
Accory offers full line of tools and accessories for security seal and cable ties. Using the tools could easily installing the seals, cable ties and the identification tags. The design can do the work can't by hand and improves the efficiency of process.
Bolt Cutter
A bolt cutter is a tool used for cutting chains, bolts and wire mesh. They typically have very long handles and short blades, with compound hinges to maximize leverage and cutting force. A typical bolt cutter yields 20 kN or 4000 lb of cutting force for a 250 N or 50 lb force on the handles.
Cable Cutter
Cable Cutter is designed to shear-cut insulated aluminum and copper cable.
Ear Tag Applicator
The deep jaw of this applicator makes proper tag placement easier. Grip helps to ease hand fatigue. Comes with two black inserts to accommodate different styles of ear tags. No need for multiple applicators for different styles/manufacturers of ear tags!
Cable Tie Tools
A hand-operated tool for tightening and trimming plastic strap seals and cable ties. To operate, insert the free end of the installed strap into the gun and squeeze handles to tension the strap. To trim off excess tie, press cutting lever.
Sealing Wire
Sealing wire available in stainless steel, copper and soft annealed galvanized steel. For use with lead seals, cable seals and meter seals.
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