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Opaque Tamper Evident Security Bags
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Opaque tamper evident bags visually conceal  the contents of the bag. These bags are equipped with time saving features like our write-on surface so each bag can be easily labeled and tear-off receipt with matching bar-codes for easy internal audits.

The opaque security bags are one-time use and are disposed after the initial use.

The Mid-Level Tamper Evident Bags

●Self-seal ing.
●Tear-off receipt.
●White write-on area.
●Leakproof (hold water).
●Designed for single, one-time use.
●Special security print for protection of side seals.
●Serial numbering or bar code track
for maximum security.

Idea for:
●Financial institutions.
●Over-the-counter deposits.
●Drop safe deposits.
●Personal property.
●In-store currency and cheque.
●Non-negotiable document handling.
●Crime scene evidence.


The High-Level Tamper Evident Bags

●Self-sealing with blue tamper evident void closure.
●Micro print alongside the welding seams.
●Tear-off receipt with tracking numbers.
●Additional pouch for shipping documents.
●An efficient and secure way to handle cash and cheques.

Idea for:
●Bank, Airport, Police.
●Governments and election.
●Courier and logistics service.
●In-store currency and cheque.
●Highly confidential documents.
●VISA application centre.
●Laboratory tests.


The Highest-Level Tamper Evident Bags

●The most secure, effective, and efficient way to secure money.
●High-tech tamper-evidence technology for high risk applications.
●Heat-resistant, Freeze-proof, Saliva-soluble closure system.
●Extremely durable welding seam.
●High-resolution barcode.
●Tearing-off receipt.

Idea for:
●Bank, and insurance companies.
●Authorities, e.g. police & customs.
●Transport of money and valuables.
●Top-secret documents.
●Pharmaceutical field.
●Casino, hotel.

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