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Reusable Security Bags
The reusable security bags feature in the bag design and closure system makes these bags ideal for any application requiring security, protection, movement and storage of cash, documents and confidential material. The bag is closed by a one-time use Numbered security seal which benefits in an effective audit trail and detects tampering. Durable PVC vinyl coated or Cordura fabric is used for the required transportation and handling.
Cash Bag
These cash bags are ideal for storing and transporting cash in a tamper evident manner. They were designed by working with cash offices and companies who were looking for a tamper proof method to move money on a daily basis without using disposable bags.
Flat Mailing Bag
The Flat Mailing Bag is a durable, cost-effective, reusable & tamper evident solution to your mailing requirements. Ideal for sending documents.
Key Wallet
This Key Wallet is ideal for holding personal property in hospitals, prisons, or anywhere that personal items need to be securely stored.
Mailing Pouch
These mailing pouches are ideal for transporting or storing large volumes of documents, or other bulkier items.
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