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Accory provides the ideal transportation security solution for couriers & postal operators. We typically supplies security seals for Sacks, Roll Cages, Tote Boxes and Vehicle Doors. As specialists in audit trail integrity, our products carry a unique serial number providing tamper evident protection and allowing for the construction of an audit trail, this number is recorded by us for 7 years for full traceability.

● Securing mail bags ● Sealing vehicle doors during transit
● Securing aircraft doors while stationary in the airport grounds ● Sealing cash bags
● Distributing sensitive documents or high value goods ● Sealing zipped pouches
● Sealing plastic containers, used to distribute high value mail  
Plastic Pull Tight Seal
Fixed Length Seals
Plastic Strap Seals
BigTag Crawler Seals
Metal Seal
Cash Bag Seal
Anchor Box Seal
Plastic Pull Tight Seals
Plastic seal with metal locking mechanism for small hole lock
Idea for sealing mail bags, vehicle doors, cash bags,
Fixed Length Seals
Plastic strap seals which can not adjust its locking length
Idea for sealing vehicle doors during transit
Plastic Strap Seals
Plastic strap seal with metal locking mechanism
Idea for sealing mail bags, vehicle doors
BigTag Crawler Seal
Plastic strap seal with big tag
Idea for sealing mail bags
Metal Seals
Stainless steel seal
Idea for sealing vehicle doors during transit
Cash Bag Seal
No tool used for installing or removal
Idea for sealing reuable security zipped bags
Anchor Box Seal
One hand operate plastic clip
Idea for sealing Attached Lid Container