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● Securing fuel tanker valves ● Securing LPG gas container valves
● Securing off shore fuel valves ● Securing vehicle doors during transit
Fixed Length Seals
AlumLock Cable Seal
Pull Tight Seal
Fixed Length Seals
Plastic strap seals which can not adjust its locking length
Idea for sealing vehicle doors during transit
AlumLock Cable Seal
Stainless steel cable with Aluminum housing body
Idea for sealing off shore fuel valves
Gas Bottle Seal
Tamper proof seal for gas bottle security
Idea for sealing LPG gas container valves
Pull Tight Seal
Plastic seal with metal locking mechanism
Idea for sealing fuel tanker valves, vehicle doors during transit
Twister Seals
PC maded meter seal with ABS twister
Idea for securing Gas Meter