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plastic security seals

Accory supplies various types of plastic security seals for different application. We also could design unique seals for your special request.

"Plastic Security Seals"

OmaisLock Seals are beaded strap plastic security seals. The seal have a acetal locking insert which will not warp by heating or freezing.
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PullGrip Seals are pull tight plastic security seals with round strap, which used to secure item with limited access. 

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GuardLock Seals are high strength adjustable plastic security seals housing a metal lock mechanism.
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SackLock Seals are one-piece all plastic security seals. They have wide strap provide big tensile strength and the seals are very economically for your application.

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"Plastic Security Seals"

Plastic seals for foreign markets
There are so many people love to use this product. It is because of this commodity is wonderful, and now there are a lot of people know this commodity in our ordinary days using the frequency of contrast, so so that now there are a lot of companies will use the goods, and as such, most people know that plastic seal has the characteristic of good and inexpensive. Yongjia county, luen Thai container seals co., LTD is a plastic seals as the leading professional production manufacturer of goods, our factory has perfect production ability and new product development ability. Strict management system, leading production technology and complete quality guarantee system, for the quality of the abundant supply guarantee. Luen Thai professional production. Sale. Seal, plastic seal, security seal, plastic seal, steel wire seals, container seals, plastic padlock, electric meter, electrical appliances seals, hi-fi seal and other checking sealing products. Can also according to user requirements for your program, make more fit your needs shi blockade. Luen Thai produce of security stickers, it has good anticorrosion performance, heat resistance to cold, strong easy to lock, identification number clear advantages, widely used in power supply, water supply, chemical, logistics, medicine. Food. The postal service, finance, foreign trade, commodity inspection, customs, aviation, railway and other parts. Luen Thai today for domestic famous number 10 shipping/air supply seals, container seals, shi blockade, seal, plastic seal, commodities such as steel wire seal. Also for many foreign famous company with OEM production of seals for commodities. In strict compliance "high quality, low price, credit, heavy service" corporate philosophy, products are exported to the United States, Britain, South Korea, Italy, the Netherlands, Denmark, Singapore and other countries. The seal of the factory made volatility, easy to lock of heat-resistant, good antiseptic function, identity number, use it, cheap and fine natural instinct, such as in applied in appearance, table boxes, gas meter, electricity supply, gas supply, water supply, military transport, heat the oil, chemical, mining, cement, public transport, postal, customs, railway, container, financial, supermarket, foreign trade commodity inspection, containers, ships, abroad by air, the air transport, logistics companies, shipping companies, transfer processing, transport equipment, transport system works and company type work inspection, packaging barrels packaging, power metering, avoid theft leak sealed, such as professional, over the years by vast users trust. Product quality and service by the vast user recognition and praise.
plastic security seals overall presentation
plastic security seals is to introduce the wire lock - seals its usefulness Where, in the end where you can use this wire lock - seals. Wire Lock - seals are mainly used in industry product testing, packaging drums, energy metering, canned keyhole smaller vessels, leak sealed to prevent the theft and transportation of petroleum, chemical, mining, customs, railway, finance, container, trade commodity inspection, transportation, processing and other industries. plastic security seals are by industry conditions, that the seals are mainly used which industries. Now I have to introduce this wire lock - where seals are mainly used. For example, it can be used in electricity, water, scientific instruments, weapons, short-distance transport containers, trucks, cargo trailers, fire equipment seal, confidential letters and all kinds of railway containers, container trucks, boxcars, tank containers, etc. These places are to use this wire lock - seals this product. All in all, this wire lock - seals used in the range is very extensive.
Automotive rubber seal around windows also require timely maintenance
with tamper evident seals between the collar and the output terminal 146 'or 146' of a small gap which is smaller the greater the capacitance. some current junction between the collar 6 and the output terminal is allowed, because the engagement current pure do not actually exist. capacitive coupling between the terminal and the retainer ring is dominant because the surface of carbon,high security seal the load of the plastic material can not be fully conductive, so that between the metal terminal and the junction of conductive plastic material is difficult to obtain pure currents using between card and terminal capacitive ring junction, tamper evident seals to solve the problem of the current junction connected to the conductive plastics. gap between the terminal and the snap ring is also permitted during the initial assembly plant in the terminal 146, "and the snap ring assembly 6 to the terminal 146 to lock the card through the terminal 146 o-ring 146 is slightly larger hole "on is withdrawn Jianmen hope captain time f Dayton small batteries to four tons of low capacitance transceivers 174 and 176 short-range communications ISM or RFIDo microprocessor 166 has a power-saving mode, and must be triggered before using trigger snap ring seals in general has been finished 6: After iri also been tightened executed.
Plastic insulated control cable
Plastic insulated control cable is container seals and including 450/750 automatic control or monitoring system, electrical instrumentation connected with a transmission line. Low smoke zero halogen polyolefin has less smoke when burning, no halogen acid gas release, belong to the environmental protection cable, suitable for fire places with special requirements. Flame retardant performance test execution GB12666-90 standard, the highest working temperature: PVC (PE) insulation does not exceed 70 ℃, plastic truck seals insulation, 90 ℃, 70 ℃, low smoke zero halogen flame retardant polyolefin low smoke zero halogen flame retardant crosslinked polyolefin 90 ℃ and 125 ℃, the lowest temperature: PVC sheathed: fixed installation to 40 ℃, the fixed installation - 15 ℃, the cable installation temperature under installation should not below 0 ℃. , cable allows bending radius: not armoured cable minimum 6 times of cable diameter copper tape screened or steel tape armoured cable minimum 12 times of overall diameter, the basic types of PVC insulated and sheathed control cable, cross-linked polyethylene insulated PVC sheathed control cable, low smoke zero halogen flame retardant polyolefin insulated and sheathed control cable,