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luggage seals

Accory offers several types of luggage seals to secure your luggage in storage or transport process. Unique numbered prevent unauthorized opening.

"Luggage Seals"

DualFlag Seal feature a double tag with both printed with same serial numbers. It can secure your luggage only need to check the numbers right or not when you take your luggage.
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The Airline Padlock Seal is a one piece padlock seal which can easy used by one hand. They are offen used as luggage seals.
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"Luggage Seals"

Nylon cable ties Introduction
Nylon cable ties, as the name suggests is a strapping tape stuff , nylon cable ties are also known as: cable ties , cable ties , cable ties , cable tie . Nylon cable ties into : self-locking nylon cable ties , signs nylon cable ties, nylon ties slipknot , tamper ( seals ) nylon cable ties, nylon cable ties fixed head , bolt ( airplane head ) nylon cable ties, beads hole nylon cable ties, fish bone nylon cable ties, nylon cable ties , such as weather .Due to the special nature of the product nylon cable tie wraps( thin-walled , injection molding process is relatively large ) , the mold, injection molding processes and materials are quite particular about the new manufacturers are generally require a long process of exploration in order to produce qualified products. Design of retaining function ( except live button ) , only more and more tightly tie , there are detachable cable tie ( slipknot ) . UL approved nylon cable zip ties nylon 66 (Nylon 66) made ​​of injection material , fire rating 94V-2, with good acid , corrosion, insulation, not aging, bear strong. Operating temperature is -20 ℃ to +80 ℃ ( ordinary nylon 66 ) . Widely used in electronics factory , bundled fixation televisions, computers and other internal wiring , lighting , electrical, electronic toys and other products lines , cable lines fixed on the ship solid mechanical equipment, oil pipelines . , Bicycle or vehicle packaging bundling other objects can also be used in agriculture, horticulture, handicrafts and other bundled items . The product has a lashing fast , good insulation , self- locking solid , easy to use featuresWidely used in Christmas gift factory, electronics factory , wire processing , wire and cable , toy factory, festivals ,Nylon cable ties stainless steel inlaysBanding stationery department stores, supermarkets, residential household , electrical appliances , connectors and other items.
Electrical cabinet seal characteristics and advantages
Electrical cabinet seal this framework has become the industry standard. Modules are made of something called lycron composite polymer, cable seals with fire, explosion, anti-aging, anti-radiation and anti-insects.Indicative Seals Various types of modules can be flexibly matched frame to accommodate various cables and piping requirements (including installation, to be installed and the installation of cables and pipelines). And the development has to adapt to a variety of special environment of special products. Used for the frame has the following characteristics: strong enough, several welding, the welding robot, the smaller the tolerance, the inner smooth surface without residual welding debris. Module used has the following characteristics: a clear identification, automatic extinguishing materials, self-lubricating, long-term use, halogen-corrosive gas, no fumes produced, anti-insect bite resistant, smaller tolerances, no displacement, the minimum amount of waste generated.
Security seals selection method
Mechanical seal according to the working conditions and the properties of medium, there are high temperature resistant, resistant to low temperature mechanical Security seals, mechanical seal, high pressure resistance and corrosion resistance of granules medium mechanical container seals and adapt to vaporize the mechanical Bolt seal of light hydrocarbon medium, etc., should be according to the different use to select different structure and materials of mechanical seal. Selection of main parameters are: seal cavity pressure (MPa), fluid temperature (℃), the working speed (m/s), the characteristics of the fluid and install sealed effective space, etc. The basic principle of model selection for: 1. According to the sealed cavity pressure, determine the seal structure
What features luggage seals is
1 security patch: Each chip has a set of globally unique serial number, when the number of production is cured in the chip is not to change the electronic seal and seal chip production will be fully integrated into one structure in order to really ensure that every  absolutely unique and can not fake an intelligent seal. 2 Tamper: Meter seal sealing wire using multi-strand stainless steel wire cutter from the system, the use of high-strength plastic body sealing a plastic material, durable, not natural damage, the smart chip luggage seals in machining and seal binding in together, in the seal body is forced open man that will damage the chip. 3 e: As electronic seal the chips are a unique serial number, and easy wireless read, which can be sealed to each electronic storage, recipients, for background registration, Shi Feng, void scan synchronization All operations are recorded track, truly electronic management. 4 Intelligence: With a handheld reader machines, software background  electronic seal according to the characteristics unique number to achieve the appropriate intelligent management industry, such as inspection and the number of tables tanker, meter, water meter, gas meter reading. Handheld record, a health upload, avoid duplication manual records....