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Accory offers kinds of seal for containers. All the container seals are high security conform to ISO17712 standard. The tensile force could be 2,205+ lbs. 

"Container Seals"

The Forca Bolt Seals are high security container seals meet newest ISO 17712:2013 standard.
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The Galtt Bolt Seals are cost-effective container seals. The bolt and the locking house of the seal are detached.
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The Raket Bolt Seal is a high security container seals consists of a bolt and locking part that are manally attached.
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The Virtues Bolt Seal is a high security container seals, with printing and numbers encapsulated by a clear polycarbonate cover to protect it from tampering.
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"Container Seals"

Personal metal security seal relationship happy family
By participating in the first group of special equipment for metal security seal operation and management of knowledge and training , combined with my practical work experience, to talk about a few feelings ; various departments of the Group leadership training very seriously , and ask each department to start with training , supervision and production line employees responsibility to the people . Day's training really , in various forms, introduce vivid picture , relevant laws and regulations , one real case , coupled with analysis of the causes of the accident , to imbue the staff with advanced safety concept describes the establishment of emergency rescue mechanism through this training and learning , we have made great progress in the safety concept , safety awareness , safety and occupational risk prevention responsibilities in four areas , adhere to plastic padlock security seals from verbal to practical action to implement , and continuously improve their professional quality , familiar with the container security seals operation processes at work in the strict demands on themselves , the strict , detailed, real words as a basic requirement for all the work , lay a solid foundation to start from the basic , practical work in strict accordance with the production management system. Safety is a long-term arduous task , related to the healthy development of the company undetermined , long way to go , we have everyone happy relationship with a family , at work , be careful , for you and others happiness , please protect yourself , eliminate all the tragedy , do not illegal operations , truly prepared, alarm bells ringing.
Teach you how to properly seal the container for safe operation
Teach you how to properly seal the container for safe operation( 1 ) increase the boat 's rear door cabinet seals , seal number by virtue of the declaration ( Customs clearance without lock ) . The export factories do cabinet ( ie, installed cabinets ) is generally combined with temporary plant closures to prevent the plant from Yamaguchi to Zhongshan Port 's cabinet during the land stolen goods . Under rare circumstances, if the starting point of the ship 's liability for the export plant DOOR (DOOR TO DOOR, DOOR TO CY down ) , it may be in the cabinet when coupled with good export factory ship company seal .( 2 ) the cabinet only barge company seals without customs cable security seals, Yantian installed before the ship also need to increase the shipping company seal . Barge in Zhongshan customs clearance M / F (Manifest boat slips , manifest ) , Customs put M / F into the computer (with each cabinet barrier seals NO on M / F., Namely filing cabinet title ) , to local customs when Yantian customs online from the cabinet number recall , are the same. Dongguan, Shekou then loaded trailer support ship export , tons of vehicles or containers in Dongguan, Shekou customs transit , then: in Dongguan add only customs vehicle seals . Shekou installed before the ship again to the shipping company seal , but if the shipping company responsible for Dongguan, Shekou to land, namely DR (DOOR)-CY or DR-DR, then add the shipping company in Dongguan seals . Zhongshan - Hong Kong - overseas , some companies as follows : plus two seals on the cabinet rear door , one is in Zhongshan - Hong Kong 's first drive feeder ; another in Hong Kong - two -way foreign ship (mother vessel or ocean vessel) , and in the B / L documents related to the S / N (Seal NO.) column to display only one title . If you encounter customs check counters are two Seal simultaneously cut . After the investigation to be re- applied seal ( get two new seals plus ) , the document is displayed in New Seal NO..
Hydraulic container security seals development situation analysis
This year, China's agriculture, water conservancy, energy, transportation and other industries is faster, therefore need a lot of machinery and equipment to meet the needs of its development. With the improvement of industrialization and automation level, these equipment need to form a complete set of high performance and high reliability of hydraulic pneumatic mechanical container security seals and sealing components. Preliminary estimates, by 2010 the domestic demand for hydraulic pressure, hydraulic, pneumatic, sealing products, the total will be increased from 2005 in 20 billion to about $35 billion pumps with mechanical seal. Among them, the hydraulic products from more than 100 one hundred million yuan to 20 billion yuan of printing and dyeing machinery plastic truck seals, hydraulic products from more than one hundred million yuan to more than one hundred million yuan, pneumatic products increased by nearly 3 billion yuan to more than 50, one hundred million yuan, plastic padlock security seals products from more than 30 one hundred million yuan to 7 billion yuan. Of engineering machinery is the biggest users of hydraulic product, 42.3, of the industry sales scale will expand in the future. Corrosion-resistant mechanical seal is expected that by 2010 hydraulic excavator in demand for about 60000-80000 mt, loader about 100000-100000, grader is about 2000, about 15000 units, roller construction crane about 20000, about 80000 forklift trucks. In addition, China now has about 1.4 million engineering machinery, is expected to reach 2 million by 2010. Every year for the domestic production of excavators, road machinery, cement mixers and other supporting the imported hydraulic parts, chemical mechanical seal of about $150 million or more. In a word, for engineering machinery, maintenance of hydraulic and sealers mechanical seal market will face a major development in the new period.
Patron and security lock container seals measuring instruments:
prevent forgery fake seals, completely eliminate the occurrence of Pirates of water, electricity theft, stealing gas and other events. The seals are generally judged by the authenticity of the clamp seals of seals printed on,container seals very easy to copy, it is easy to give criminals an opportunity. And each electronic seal has a unique identification code, the identification code is arranged in the semiconductor chip manufacturing and engraved by laser micro-realization, there is no duplication in the world, through a wireless non-contact chip can be read only code, and for comparison with a database to determine the genuineness of seals. Lower manufacturing costs of electronic seals, but the cost is very high imitation, and imitation is extremely difficult, which is fundamental to criminals turned away. Prevent imitation or theft occurs, you can bring huge economic benefits to the utility company.