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Indicative Seals
The Indicative seals are constructed and manufactured of material that have a relatively low breaking point and are easily removed by hand or with a simple tool. They are therefore ideal for providing evidence of unauthorized entry or tampering.
Adjustable Length plastic seals
Adjustable length plastic seals are ideal for use when one seal type is used to secure multiple items or when a specific item can vary by size.
Fixed Length plastic seals
Fixed Length plastic seals have a fixed loop design. They are use widely as container seals and truck seals.
Meter seals
Meter seals are widely used on meters such as Water Meters, Gas Meters, Electric Meters against theft and pilferage of power.
Padlock Seals
The plastic padlock seals are single use tamper evident security seals are used for low and medium security applications.
Metal Seals
Metal indicative seals offer slightly more resistance and strength than their plastic counterparts. Two types including flat metal seals and ball metal seals.