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● Securing and marking hospital waste bags ● Securing medical supplies warehouse
● Securing from unauthorized use of equipment ● Securing and marking containers with tissue and blood samples
● Sealing cabinets with sensitive information  
Padlock Seal
Plastic Pull Tight Seal
Plastic Strap Seals
Fixed Length Seals
Cash Bag Seals
Airline Padlock Seal
All Plastic Seal
Idea for sealing First Aid Kits, Medical Cases, Pharmacy Cabinets
Plastic Pull Tight Seals
Plastic seal with metal locking mechanism for small hole lock
Idea for securing First Aid Kits, Medical Cases, vehicle doors during transit
Plastic Strap Seals
Plastic strap seals
Idea for securing Clinical Waste Bags
Fixed Length Seals
Plastic strap seals which can not adjust its locking length
Idea for vehicle doors during transit
Cash Bag Seal
One hand operate plastic clip
Idea for reused security bags