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The ring tag is very small, sealed inside a small ABS housing to make it waterproof and suitable for the free range environment. Different colors are available to make visual identification easier.

Order Code RIFD Clip
PB-4100 EM4100
PB-4305 EM4305
PB-256 HitagS 256

• Chip: EM4100/TK4100(alternatively with HitagS 256, EM4305 chip)
• Frequency: 125 KHz± 6khz
• Operating Temperature: -40 °C~ 85 °C
• Storage temperature: -55 °C~ 100 °C
• Storage Capacity: 64 (bits)
• Reading Range : 2-20cm(depends on the reader design)
• Working Mode: Read only
• Dimensions:  Ф11mm * 10mm   /   11mm * 22mm

• Racing pigeon management
• Carrier pigeons tracking
• Other poultry management

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